Curiosity Projects – Join Our Board 

Photo of a meeting - people smile, gazing at each other and holding up drawings.
Do you want to be part of an arts organisation that strives to be representative, accessible and inclusive for all?
Do you have the experience, vision and passion for community that could help us to develop Curiosity Projects?

Curiosity Productions Ltd is a not-for-profit limited company based in Wolverhampton. We plan to set up a sister charity (CIO) with the working title of Curiosity Projects. We believe a charity will enable us to more effectively deliver our mission to produce accessible and inclusive creative events and opportunities that nurture, develop and raise the profile of creatives, artists and local communities.

To achieve this, we are looking for some people to join us, initially as a voluntary advisory group that we hope will become the first board for the charity.

We are looking for trustees who will champion our values and work with us to develop a charity that will benefit the communities of Wolverhampton, the Black Country & wider West Midlands, and support the skills development of systemically marginalised* creatives. 

We are looking for people who have any or several of the following skills, knowledge and experience: 

  • Community connections or engagement in Wolverhampton and the Black Country; 
  • Working with children and young people (we are also looking for people aged under 25 to join the board); 
  • Finance; 
  • Legal (including charity formation and contracts); 
  • Fundraising; 
  • Sector development and training; 
  • Community engaged arts practice, including co-creation. 

We are committed to equity, access and inclusion. We are particularly interested in working with people on our advisory group and future board who are underrepresented in leadership positions within arts and culture. This includes people who are more likely to have their opportunities and life choices limited by structural and institutional discrimination against their race, gender, sexuality, religion or disability.* 

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further or if there is anything we can do to make this opportunity more accessible to you please get in touch with Jenny Smith, our Creative Director: 

Email: [email protected] 

Mobile: 07967 187822 (calls, text, WhatsApp – voice or text notes)

To apply to be part of Curiosity Projects Advisory Group and future Board: 

  • Please email your application stating: 
  • why you would like to be part of developing Curiosity Projects; 
  • what skills and experience you bring from the list above. 
  • Your application can be written, film or audio (we won’t be judging production quality, a simple voice note or film on your phone is fine). 
  • Email your application to [email protected]
  • Alternatively you can book in a chat with Jenny to talk through the role and what you might bring to it, as well as what you'd like to get out of joining the board.
Photo of a meeting - people smile, gazing at each other and holding up drawings.
Image by Janthra Photography

Curiosity Project Advisory Group Job Description 

We ask you to commit to an initial 12-month development period as a member of the advisory group, with the hope that during that time you will become a trustee of the board when the charity is officially formed. 

Your role during the initial 12 months will include: 

  • Participation in development meetings/ workshops every one or two months (maximum of 12 meetings during the year); 
  • Work with the Creative Director of Curiosity Productions Ltd and the wider team to develop and agree the mission, vision, values and principles for the charity, using Curiosity Productions’ Principles as a starting point; 
  • Support and monitor the strategic development and direction of the charity; 
  • Act as an advocate for the charity once it is formed; 
  • Aim to work with the Nolan Committee’s seven principles of public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership; 
  • Declare and manage conflicts of interest; 
  • Be aware of the charity’s legal and other obligations. 

Membership of the advisory group, and subsequently the board, is a voluntary role. You will be reimbursed for any expenses related to your role. This can include travel, meals, childcare while at trustee meetings, postage and telephone calls. Curiosity Productions can only reimburse actual costs, and pay against receipts. Unless by personal choice, no trustee should be ‘out of pocket’ as a result of carrying out their normal duties and responsibilities as part of the advisory group and board. 

Being part of the advisory group will not exclude you from any paid opportunities with Curiosity Productions Ltd., although conflicts of interest must be declared and managed. 


* Systemically marginalised people are those who are more likely to have their opportunities and life choices limited by structural and institutional discrimination against their race, gender, sexuality, religion or disability. This will include, but is not limited to, those who identify as D/deaf, disabled or neurodivergent, LGBTQI+, and people who experience racism, including people of African, Caribbean or Latinx heritage, people of South Asian, East Asian, or South East Asian heritage, people of Romany or Irish Traveller heritage, people of Middle Eastern heritage and people of Jewish heritage.