Babies’ Adventures in Music – Partnership Project

We are currently working with Babies’ Adventures in Music (BAM) offering artists Samantha Fox and Ricardo Rocha producing and consultancy support through artistic research and development, organisational development and project coordination and management.

BAM: Babies’ Adventures in Music is a warm and interactive concert for babies, families and friends that celebrates music by sharing a host of instruments, styles, gentle movements and stimulating sounds.

To learn more, visit BAM’s Facebook Page.


Funny Things – Partnership Project

Wolverhampton’s celebration of Black Country humour.

In 2019 we worked with Creative Black Country (CBC) to produce a week long festival in the heart of Wolverhampton that celebrated all things funny through comedy stand-up, family workshops, poetry and street theatre. This project was funded by Arts Council England and National Heritage Lottery Funds.

To learn more about the festival, visit the Funny Things website here.
To learn more about Creative Black Country, visit the CBC website here.


SandwellCEP – Commission









In 2019 we oversaw the development and coordination of Sandwell Cultural Education Partnership (SCEP) over a ten month period. In addition we coordinated and delivered creative consultations across the formal and informal education sectors in Sandwell alongside creative consultant Iris Bertz.

Sandwell Cultural Education Partnership (SCEP) is a partnership of sector professionals, cultural enthusiasts & creative advocates who are working with children & young people (aged 0–25yrs) in Sandwell.

To learn more, visit SCEP’s website.


Adrift – a Curiosity Production

We are currently developing Adrift, an immersive experience sharing people’s stories of being Adrift. In Spring 2017,  Producer Jenny Smith interviewed 13 people about their experiences of being and feeling Adrift. The interviewees included migrants and refugees and people who have been in touch with mental health services.

These interviews are the source material for the multi-disciplinary Adrift project creative team. The team consists of artists from different cultural backgrounds, art forms and disciplines, each bringing a range of skills and experiences and an openness to working in collaboration to find a shared creative language to artistically represent what it means to be Adrift.

Adrift will transform community and arts spaces including village halls, galleries and studio theatre spaces. The creative company will themselves be Adrift, arriving at a space and transforming it for the audience, as they unpack the luggage of their journey and share their stories with those present.

The production can take up residence for a few days within a space and work with local community groups to create parts of the performance, so that every show is unique to that space and that community, as they become woven into the tapestry of stories that are told.

The Adrift Creative Team:

Producer – Jenny Smith (Curiosity Productions), Director – Steve Johnstone, Designer – Olly Shapley, Writer – Suriya Roberts-Grey, Dance Artist – Sonia Sabri, Digital Media Artist – Katherine Hannaford, Sound Artist – Pavan Chand, Visual Artist – Dean Melbourne, Textile Artist – Sue Chand, Performers – Vimal Korpal and Aimee Powell