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Our Mission

We produce accessible and inclusive creative events and opportunities that nurture, develop and raise the profile of creatives, artists, and local communities.

Creating Curiosity 

 We make ideas come to life, both our own and the artists’ that we collaborate with. 

We create inspiring, exciting and curious events and projects in unusual and unexpected places. We create magical and moving moments that stay with you long after the experience has past. We invite people to be curious and discover new skills and interests through creative opportunities that enable them to tell their own stories. 

We immerse ourselves in stories. We never stop being curious, seeking out new stories to share with our audiences, personal stories that don’t normally get heard. Stories that are sad, funny, moving, inspirational, unbelievable, intriguing and true. Stories from the past that have shaped who we are, and stories of an imagined future. Myths and legends, history and heritage, fantasy and reality.


Satisfy your curiosity…

If you want to find out more about Curiosity Productions and how we could work with you please get in touch…

a photograph of a man smiling towards the camera in front of a boat in a shopping centre.

Funny Things – 2019

Funny Things – 2019

Youth Labs Wolves – 2021

Cloud Cuckoo Land – 2022