Our Mission: 

We produce accessible and inclusive creative events and opportunities that nurture, develop and raise the profile of creatives, artists and local communities. 

 Through delivering our mission we aim to be part of creating our vision for the arts and cultural sector. 

Our Vision: 

An arts and cultural sector that is representative, accessible and inclusive for all. 


Our Principles: 

These principles will provide guidance for the company when making choices and decisions and when setting priorities. The principles aim to inspire and support the company’s on-going development and evolution. Our principles: 

  • Are grounded in values about what matter to the Curiosity Productions team (staff and associates).  
  • Provide direction, but not detailed prescription, so they offer opportunities for the company to adapt to different contexts, changing understandings and varied challenges.
  • Must be interpreted and applied contextually and situationally to ensure their relevance.    
  • Will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure they remain relevant. 
We are always: 

Curious and open 

  • We ask questions and actively listen. 
  • We commit to encouraging an environment that fosters learning: supporting peer-to-peer shared learning within the company’s activities and work, and sharing our learning with a wider audience.  

Collaborative and responsive 

  • We are responsive to the needs of stakeholders, collaborators and participants. 
  • We seek out new ideas, stories and approaches to making creative work.  
  • We focus on co-creating, designing, producing and delivering events and activities in community centred spaces, which meet the needs of the individuals and communities involved. 
  • We produce immersive, transformative creative experiences, that responsibly and respectfully provide spaces for people to share their stories.  
  • We produce work that is participatory and interactive, engaging with communities with a particular focus on families, children and young people, and those who identify as systemically marginalised*.   

Accessible and inclusive 

  • We create safe spaces for all by encouraging sharing, active listening, non-defensiveness, generosity, curious questions, learning, adaptation and accountability. 
  • We question and challenge systemic marginalisation* and our own unconscious bias. 
  • We are pro-actively anti-racist. 
  • We involve people who are systemically marginalised in the development of our work to ensure we remove barriers to participation.  
  • We ensure our creative teams are reflective and representative of the communities we live and work in. 
  • We practice compassionate leadership: leading with kindness, paying on time, taking time to listen and check in; and developing a culture of transparency and openness, where teams are empowered and supported to perform at their best whilst maintaining a healthy work/life balance. 
  • We acknowledge that language has the power both to include and exclude, and we pledge to be inclusive, welcoming and respectful. Words hold great power, and we will use them with care and compassion. 
  • We will approach any conflict of views and / or opinions with an attitude of openness and respect, with the aim to find a resolution that is satisfactory for all parties. 
  • We are committed to the More Than A Moment Pledge and the Creative Case for Diversity. Many of our principles are drawn from or inspired by the More Than A Moment Pledge.  

Nurturing and developing 

  • We nurture and develop artists and creatives that we collaborate with to create the space for them to make their best work and raise their profile. 
  • We share our skills, knowledge and expertise to support the career development of creative producers at various stages of their career –   we won’t provide unpaid internships or apprenticeships. 
  • We nurture the creativity of every child and adult that engages with us. 

Flexible and adaptable 

  • we work flexibly and seek to provide multiple options for working spaces, both online and physical. 
  • We adapt our approach to make our work relevant and effective in the different settings and situations that we work in. 

Environmentally responsible  

  • We consider and minimise the environmental impact of all of our work and projects. 
  • We select suppliers that use recycled materials, minimise plastic and provide sustainable energy. 
  • We minimise travel, and utilise online workspaces, or places and spaces that have good public transport connections. 


  • We will report regularly (at least once a year) on how well we are delivering against our principles, and our equity, access and inclusion plan. 
  • We will ask for feedback and act on it, recognising that we won’t always get things right. We will always strive to do and be better. 

 * Systemically marginalised people are those who are more likely to have their opportunities and life choices limited by structural and institutional discrimination against their race, gender, sexuality, religion or disability. This will include, but is not limited to, those who identify as D/deaf, disabled or neurodivergent, LGBTQI+, and people who experience racism, including people of African, Caribbean or Latinx heritage, people of South Asian, East Asian, or South East Asian heritage, people of Romany or Irish Traveller heritage, people of Middle Eastern heritage and people of Jewish heritage.