Our Mission: 

We produce accessible and inclusive creative events and opportunities that nurture, develop and raise the profile of creatives, artists and local communities. 


Through delivering our mission we aim to be part of creating our vision for the arts and cultural sector. 

Our Vision 

An arts and cultural sector that is representative, accessible and inclusive for all. 


What we do

Initiating ideas and producing projects

We make ideas come to life, both our own and the artists’ that we collaborate with. 

We create inspiring, exciting and curious events and projects in unusual and unexpected places. We create magical and moving moments that stay with you long after the experience has past. We invite people to be curious and discover new skills and interests through creative opportunities that enable them to tell their own stories. 

We enable artists and creatives to develop and produce their work through a range of support including: 

  • Creative producing 
  • Project management 
  • Fundraising 
  • Community engagement 
  • Strategic planning 
  • Evaluation

We immerse ourselves in stories. We never stop being curious, seeking out new stories to share with our audiences, personal stories that don’t normally get heard. Stories that are sad, funny, moving, inspirational, unbelievable, intriguing and true. Stories from the past that have shaped who we are, and stories of an imagined future. Myths and legends, history and heritage, fantasy and reality.

We have a particular interest in producing work for children and families. We currently support two companies who create beautiful children’s theatre and music: 

Babies’ Adventures in Music (BAM)

Cloud Cuckoo Land (CCL)

Equity, Access and Inclusion is core to all of our work and we are committed to working with artists, audiences and participants who are systemically marginalised* and who may have limited access to mainstream arts and creative opportunities. We are pro-active about putting measures in place to ensure equity, access and inclusion and we are always open to learning how we can do this better through an open dialogue with our collaborators and audiences. 


Project management 

We work with a range of partners to produce and project manage events and projects at various scales. Previous projects we have delivered include: 

  • Funny Things Comedy Festival 2017 and 2019 in partnership with Creative Black Country
  • Festival UK 2022 R&D phase Creative Documentation in partnership with Method in Motion


Consultancy and Professional Development 

 We carry out consultancy, training and professional development in a range of settings. 

We deliver community consultation and stakeholder engagement. Past projects include: 

  • Sandwell Cultural Education Partnership Creative Conversations and Development Coordination

We deliver strategic planning support and training, including: 

  • Future visioning for your company 
  • Developing your mission, vision and principles 
  • Business planning 
  • Fundraising strategy 
  • Equity, access and inclusion  
  • Volunteer management 
  • Evaluation

We deliver mentoring to people at various stages in their career, from students and recent graduates to mid-career artists and professionals who wish to re-focus or shift their career path. 

When possible we provide trainee and apprenticeship opportunities within our projects to provide practical paid work experience for people wishing to develop their career in the arts, usually as producers. 


* Systemically marginalised people are those who are more likely to have their opportunities and life choices limited by structural and institutional discrimination against their race, gender, sexuality, religion or disability.. This will include, but is not limited to, those who identify as D/deaf or disabled, LGBTQI+, and people who experience racism, including people of African, Caribbean or Latinx heritage, people of South Asian, East Asian, or South East Asian heritage, people of Romany or Irish Traveller heritage and people of Jewish heritage.