Collage of overlapping, brightly coloured squares, with text reading 'Youth Lab Wolves: Re-imagining Wolverhampton. Newhampton Arts Centre, 7th September 2021 / 5-7pm. #YouthLabWolves.' In the bottom left corner, there is a photograph of a road sign reading 'Wolverhampton'

Come to our advocacy event!

Featuring live performances and food, Curiosity Productions and Creative Black Country are proud to be hosting an opportunity for young people and decision-makers in Wolverhampton to come together for the future of our city.

Hosted by performing artist and author Kupid Val-Essoné, we're going to be facilitating conversation between decision-makers and young people, taking the themes and ideas raised at our work across Wolverhampton and figuring out how we can have real change - and we need you to come! Click on the link to book your place at this free event!

The Project

Youth Lab Wolves is a project aiming to collate and uplift the voices of young people in Wolverhampton, about ways that we could redesign and improve the city for the future. We're bringing artistic sessions and drop-ins to the streets, communities and social media feeds of Wolverhampton for children and young people, and will be bringing these responses to an advocacy event in early September.

The main drive for the events is to get an understanding of how young people see Wolverhampton presently and what their visions are for the future and present these ideas and opinions to people that have the power to make these changes.

Our partners and work

We've been working alongside Creative Black Country and Wolverhampton for Everyone to deliver this young vision for Wolves, in a project supported by Actors of Urban Change, and delivered in conjunction with the University of Wolverhampton and City of Wolverhampton Council.

We're also particularly excited to be working with artists Real Arts Workshops, Andre Reid (of Kiondo), and Emily Warner to run drop-in sessions at community groups and public events.

Get involved!

As a part of our social media campaign for our advocacy event, bringing together young people and decision-makers in Wolverhampton, we want to present participants' views. Take part in our survey to be represented!

Photograph of a banner, drawn in pen by Curiosity staff member Chloe, who is hunched over.

Our work so far...

#YLW at #WeMakeOurCity with WFA at the Mander Centre

Collage of flowers, wildlife, with the words 'Greener City' featured in a bold, overlapping type.
Young children, S & M, sat smiling at a craft table, making collages.
Photograph of Creative Director Jenny Smith being interviewed at a table in the corner of the room. To the left is a radio banner, reading WCR radio.